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Kuwait Diabetes Society: Activities and Services

  • Develop training courses and workshops to provide individuals with diabetes the opportunity to share their experiences.
  • Provide diabetes management tools (glucometers, glucose and ketone strips, etc.) at average costs that are lower than the market price.
  • Construct periodical publications and educational materials covering the latest news in the field of diabetes.
  • Arrange and sponsor local and international diabetes conferences.
  • Increase the cooperation between physicians and healthcare professionals specializing in diabetes to share their knowledge and exchange their experiences regarding diabetes therapy for the improved care of people with diabetes.
  • Establish and strengthen the relationships between KDS and the other diabetes related organizations and associations regionally and globally.
  • Organize diabetes youth camps.
  • Provide free retinal examinations, HbA1C checks, diabetes education, foot care consultations and dietary advice for KDS members.

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